The Medicine Loom is a personal blog where I gather articles and my own writings relavant to the study of art, medicine, language and culture. In my own life I have been inspired by the holographic nature of traditional, “indigenous” lenses of reality, and seek to build a practice of medicine prediciated on such a lense, the origin of which, in the mind of linguist, poet, and philosopher Jean Gebser, is ever-present. My personal passions include Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM, which I currently study in a doctorate program at the National College of Natural  Medicine in Portland, Oregon), healing traditions of the Andes and Amazon of Peru, and the medicine and ceremonial rites of the First Nations of North America.

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  1. Mark Sideman says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed reading your essay. It is an area where I am not overly informed so it was both a good introduction and substantive with your voice and the voice of doctor and his story shared. Sounds like your journey has been quite something.
    Warm regards,

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